Feb. 17, 11:45, Wei Ji Ma. Optimality and Probabilistic Computation in Visual Categorization

2nd Annual Perceptual Science Forum, May 2008
plenary talk:
Fei-Fei Li, Princeton University: Telling the Story of a Scene: From Humans to Computers

Briscoe, E., Singh, M. & Feldman, J. Shape skeletons and shape similarity

Chakraborty, I. Object recognition by substructure grouping

Chai, Y.-C. & Farell. Effects of reference stimuli on motion sensitivity.

Cholewiak, S. Haptic identification and information transfer of stiffness and force magnitude

Denisova, K. Shape representation using part transformations

Haladjian, H., Montemayor, C. & Pylyshyn, Z. Segregating targets & nontargets in depth eliminates inhibition of nontargets in Multiple Object Tracking

Harrison, S. and Feldman, J. Influence of medial axis structure on the discrimination of texture-defined shapes

Huang R., Pavlovic V. & Metaxas, D.N. Video-based image segmentation with object shape priors

Jain A., Papathomas T. V. & Sally S. Endogenous selective attention to opposite-moving spectral components influences aftereffects in vision and audition

Kibbe, M. Complexity of a category affects working memory capacity in a search task

Kim, M. and Pavlovic, V. Dimensionality reduction for regression using covariance operators in RKHS

Kim, M., Kumar, S., Pavlovic, V., Rowley, H. & Jose, J. Face tracking & recognition with visual constraints in real-world videos

Kim, S.-H. and Feldman, J. Globally inconsistent figure/ground relations induced by negative parts

Leffler, B. SCRAM: Sensor choosing for robot action models

Mansley, C. Terrain classification for accurate dynamic models

Mi, X. and DeCarlo, D. Separating parts from 2D shapes using relatability

Papathomas, T. V., Sherman, A. & Jain, A. The role of perspective and angle polarity in perceiving 3D objects

Ringstad, P. Sentence fusion for summarizing image annotations

Sanik, K. 3D shapes from line drawings

Tuzel, O. Learning on Lie Groups for invariant detection and tracking

Wilder, J., Feldman J. & Singh, M. Shape classification based on natural shape statistics

Wu, C.C. Fitts’s Law and the optimal planning of sequences of saccades

Zhuang, X. and Papathomas, T. V. Feature- and location-based attention in color/orientation conjunctive visual search

  Zhao, Z. Information theoretic key frame selection for activity recognition.