Feb. 17, 11:45, Wei Ji Ma. Optimality and Probabilistic Computation in Visual Categorization

PerSci forum may 3, 2010



  • Steve Cholewiak, Pete Pantelis, Paul Ringstad, Kevin Sanik, Ari Weinstein, Chiachien Wu, Jacob Feldman: Inferring the intention and mental state of evolved autonomous agents
  • Steve Cholewiak, Manish Singh, Roland Fleming, Bina Pastakia:  The perception of physical stability of 3D objects: The role of parts
  • Vicky Froyen, Jacob Feldman, Manish Singh:  Local propagation of border-ownership
  • Edinah Gnang, Ahmed Elgammal, Vladimir Retakh :  Generalized spectral theory for tensors
  • Harry Haladjian, Zenon Pylyshyn, Randy Gallistel: Enumeration by location: Exploring the role of spatial information in numerosity judgments
  • James Hughes, Jordan Ash, Thomas Papathomas:  Cost-effective virtual-reality display of reverse perspective illusions compensated for viewer motion
  • Nora Isacoff, Karin Stromswold:  Lexical access
  • Melissa Kibbe, Alan Leslie:  Object/feature trade-offs in infant working memory
  • Seha Kim: Figure-ground organization with skeletal representation and T-junction
  • Sung-Ho Kim, Manish Singh, Jacob Feldman: Curved apparent motion induced by amodal completion and the launching effect  
  • Alyssa Kosmides, Seeth Annamraju, Hristiyan Kourtev, Harry Haladjian, Deborah Aks, Zenon Pylyshyn:  Blink-induced masking and its effect on multiple object tracking: It’s easier to track those that stop during interrupted viewing
  • Idimma Cherish Madu, Thomas Papathomas, Frances Egan: Pistachio and acquamarine, or green and blue? The effects of color vocabulary on categorical perception
  • Pete Pantelis, Jacob Feldman:  Exploring the mental space of autonomous agents
  • Nicholas Ross, Eileen Kowler:  Eye movements while viewing captioned and narrated videos
  • Elio Santos, Martin Gizzi, Eileen Kowler:  Anticipatory smooth pursuit eye movements in response to global motion
  • Shahriar Shariat, Vladimir Pavlovic, Thomas Papathomas, Ainsley Braun, Pawan Sinha:  Sparse dictionary methods for identification of electrophysiological correlates of perceptual face/non-face classification
  • Marta Suarez:  Bombs, cities and natural language quantifiers
  • Elizabeth Torres, Christopher Buneo, Richard Andersen:  Coding of curved hand paths in the parietal reach region
  • Lu Wang, Alan Leslie:  Anticipatory eye gaze and task demand in true and false belief
  • Ari Weinstein, Chris Mansley, Michael Littman:  Planning in continuous action spaces
  • John Wilder, Cordelia Aitkin, Brian Schnitzer, Andre Cohen, Eileen Kowler:  The timing of oculomotor fixations
  • Min Zhao, Brian Schnitzer, Barbara Dosher, Eileen Kowler:  Attention during pauses between successive saccades: Task interference vs. modulation of contrast gain