Feb. 17, 11:45, Wei Ji Ma. Optimality and Probabilistic Computation in Visual Categorization

First Perceptual Science Research Forum, May 2007: talks, posters, pictures

  • Eileen Kowler, “Eye movements, attention, and decisions”
  • Vladimir Pavlovic, “Embedded profile markov models for shape analysis“
  • Matthew Stone, “Uncertainty in conversation”
  • Larry Maloney (NYU), When time is money: The economics of movement planning
  • Doug DeCarlo, “Depiction and perception of shape in line drawings”


  • · Erica Brisco and Bethany Leffler: Exploring the bias variance trade-off
  • ·Dana Chesney: Non-adjacent probabilities: Must they inform word learning?
  • · Kristina Denisova: Investigation of shape representation using apparent motion
  • · Jacob Feldman: Bayesian contour detection
  • · Jacqueline M. Fulvio, Manish Singh, and Laurence T. Maloney: Breakdown of contour interpolation: Testing a multiple-contours hypothesis
  • · Harry H Haladjian and Zenon W Pylyshyn: Size differences improve tracking in MOT, but only when the size of targets/nontargets changes as a group
  • · Sarah Hawley and Jacob Feldman: Perceptual comparisons of features within and between objects
  • · Anshul Jain, Sharon Sally, Thomas Papathomas: Cross-modal auditory and visual interactions and aftereffects - A comprehensive study
  • · Sharon L. Sally, Zoltán Vidnyánszky, and Thomas Papathomas: Feature-based attention: Effects of eccentricity
  • · Shalin Shah and Manish Singh: Perceptual decisions under risk in extrapolating curved motion paths
  • · Raghav Subbarao: Nonlinear mean shift for clustering over analytic manifolds
  • · Greg Tobiason: Eye movements in upright and rotated visual scenes
  • · John Wilder: Attention and saccades during an active visual task
  • · Zhipeng Zhao: Towards a framework for integration of local and global information for object recognition
  • · Xiaohua Zhuang, Xiaotao Su, Zoltán Vidnyánszky, and Thomas V Papathomas: Learning effects on dual-task