Feb. 17, 11:45, Wei Ji Ma. Optimality and Probabilistic Computation in Visual Categorization

John Flach

Wright State University

Cognition: The Abductive Engine

Classically, human cognition has been evaluated relative to a logical engine. Deviations of human performance from the expectations based on normative logic are typically attributed to information processing limitations.  This talk will consider an alternative hypothesis based on Pierce's theory of abduction. This hypothesis approaches cognition as an adaptive control system. This system evolves through a pragmatic, eco-logic to selectively tune to situations. This approach will be illustrated using empirical work on control of collisions.

John Flach is Professor and Chair of Psychology at Wright State University. He is interested in the coupling of perception and action in complex systems.

Background Readings:  Collision Control JEPHPP 2001   Flach ECCE 2009