Feb. 17, 11:45, Wei Ji Ma. Optimality and Probabilistic Computation in Visual Categorization

Perceptual Science Talk Series

This research seminar features weekly talks and discussions spanning all aspects of perceptual science, with particular emphasis on topics that connect human perceptual science to computer modeling. Talks are by faculty and students at Rutgers as well as outside invited speakers, including prominent national and international scientists.

The seminar is organized by graduate students in perceptual science. It serves as a forum for presentation and discussion of timely issues in perceptual science, and as a vehicle for introducing students to new research and theoretical developments in the field.

The series is open to all members of the Rutgers community and is attended by faculty and students from a wide range of disciplines. It is held Mondays at 12:00, room 101, Psychology Building, Busch Campus.

Archive of Past talks

 Fall 2013 / Spring 2014 Calendars

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 9/16 Roland Fleming, U. of Giessen. Fields and flows in the visual estimation of 3D shape
 9/23 Zhong-lin Lu, Ohio State U.,  The quick methods: Bayesian adaptive estimation of psychological functions
 9/30 Cognitive Fest
 10/7 Katherine Kuchenbecker, U Penn, Robotics. The value of tactile sensations in haptics and robotics
 10/14 Qasim Zaidi, SUNY, Perception and neurons
 10/28Matthew Botvinick, Princeton. Hierarchical reinforcement learning and human behavior
 11/18 Stanley Klein, UC Berkeley, School of Optometry. Connecting psychophysics and appearance to neurophysiology: Towards an understanding of color
 12/2 Brent Miller, U.C. Irvine. The wisdom of crowds and rank ordering problems. Probabilistic knowledge retrieval and group communication for complex tasks
 12/9 Joo-hyun Song, Brown U., Paradoxical effects of attention on visuomotor learning

Spring 2014 Calendar